Cheap plastisol package
from the 1100-series

The ideal solution:
the chemistry starter package


Rutcure Spotmaster

The infrared-hot air combination allows an even drying of printing surfaces up to
a size of 45 x 45 cm. A delay of the fan about 1 minute speed the operational
readiness of the dryer considerably.
Through the 230V port and a high efficiency is the Rutcure 2400 IR / S also ideal
for the use in small print shops that don´t have a power power supply.
Another advantage is to perform end fixations of plastisol colours with the Spotmaster
without having a conveyer dryer.
A unique case cooling ensures that even highly heat-stressed parts of the Spotmaster
does not get warmer than 60 ° C.
The standard, innovative fan control provides safe cooling of all parts of the
All in all, the Spotmaster offers a high level of user security and a large operating
comfort and is also one of the few instruments of the type that corresponds to the